Personalized Name Necklace


Our Small Personalized Classic Name Necklace in Silver provides you with an opportunity to show off a little bit of yourself in a more dainty and demure way! You can put any name or word you want on any stylish name necklace. Get one for yourself and for a friend or family member.

Whether it’s a valentines day present, anniversary gift, mother’s day surprise or just a kind gesture to that loved one, a personalized necklace is one of the most thoughtful gifts and is always greeted with exuberant gratitude. Go on, treat that loved one with an alluring surprise.

SALE ends soon, pick one up before they’re gone!!



Name necklaces are wildly ‘in’ right now and are popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon.

As much as they trending right now, this type of jewelry will always be timeless!


How To Order:

– Select the font, colour and length that you would like

– Insert your name in the ‘Personalization’ text box

– Add to your cart and proceed to checkout


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